Shopify Services

We, at EcomLauncher, love to work with Shopify one of the most popular Content Management Systems platforms on the market.

Why we prefer to recommend shopify to our customers?

There are several reasons to it:

With Magento, you can control every aspect of your website if it’s the functionality or the layout. And our specialists will make sure that you could handle it with ease.
Most of the features on the frontend and the backend as well, can be customized, to maximize the effectiveness of your business and increase the conversion rate.


The Magento platform is highly customizable. The EcomLauncher talented design team will be happy to create a unique look for your business.


Magento is a highly customizable platform, which means that only the skies are the limit.
You think up, we create.


The main idea of the website is to create business. You can have the best website out there, but it would be useless without reaching the customers.
EcomLauncher’s experienced Digital Marketing team will help them find you, in the best way possible


Upgrading to Magento 2 or switching from another platform to Magento?
EcomLauncher specialists will make the transfer smooth and seamless, without harming the search engine setups and no data loss.

The Simplicity

You can use Magento / 2 to manage almost any kind of e-commerce business.
Whenever you had or hadn’t previous experience with other CMS, e-commerce platforms.
The user friendly Backend of Magento CMS allows you to customize the environment in the way your business needs tells you, without complexity or unnecessary features.
Variety of reports and other advanced metrics will allow you to increase the site performance and expand essentially your clientele list.

Shopify & SEO

By choosing Magento you are getting one of the most Search Engine friendly platforms. Magento developed in a way that the SEO features do not disadvantage the user experience.
The SEO friendly code and client oriented User Interface of Magento intend to drive more traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate.


Magento provides vast versatility options to customize the User Experience your business requires. You can adjust the backend of the website the way you want, as well as structuring the frontend the way the customers like.
With an expansion of the business, the needs of the website are different. With Magento platform you can adapt your website to your changing reality with minimum effort, compared to other CMS systems.
Magento platform can integrate any third party solutions with no extra complications and large expanses.

Mobile Friendly

According to Google, more than 75% of all searches performed from mobile devices.
It means that it’s vital for the business to look right in any environment.
Magento platform provides responsive design to allow your website to look organic regardless of the device your existing or potential customer accessing your website from.
Smartphone, tablet or PC, your business will be accessible and usable evenly well.